How To Prevent The Decline In Profits Under The Trend Of Large-size LCD Panels?

- Oct 30, 2018-

At the Korea Display Industry Exhibition in 2018, Qunzhi Consulting Li Yaqin said that under the influence of trade friction and exchange rate instability, the global macro economy may decline. In 2019, the display panel market is also facing downward pressure from consumers' purchasing power, and demand growth is conservative. However, young consumer groups are changing the smart device market. Product upgrades and technology iterations are accelerating. For new technology companies such as AMOLED, on the one hand, they are limited by cost and price, the market growth rate is not as expected, but it will also suffer from performance and The promotion of the consumer experience has continued to grow.


However, the industry's challenges come from the problems caused by disorderly investment. This situation not only changes the liquid crystal cycle, but also dilutes the industry's profits and value, especially in TFT LCD technology. According to estimates by Qunzhi Consulting, in the first half of 2018, the global TFT LCD market averaged $365 per square meter, compared to $458 in the same period last year. In the past, people thought that the bigger the size, the better. After that, we may need to worry that the larger the size, the more profit loss. Therefore, while our industry is constantly advancing large-scale, we must rationally think and act rationally to prevent large losses while losing too much profit. Li Yaqin suggested that the industry chain enterprises should continue to reduce costs while seeking a balance between differentiated and focused strategies and establishing competitive barriers that match themselves.