How To Clean The LCD Screen?

- May 16, 2018-

                              1. Wipe the LCD directly with your palm or your finger. To know that LCD is not allowed to be oppressed, when using palm or finger to wipe, it is difficult to achieve the right degree of force. If you use too much force, it may cause permanent physical damage to the LCD liquid crystal molecules. Bad spots may even happen in small areas, so do not wipe the LCD screen directly with your palm or your fingers.
                             2. Wipe the LCD screen with a coarse towel. I have seen some users directly wipe the LCD screen with a towel that is usually wiped by a table at home. The chances of this happening are actually quite a lot, because some users use the towel to clean the computer table and they also give the LCD screen. A clean, although it does not seem so good to know, but the map is convenient.
                            3. Use a pen or other hard object to “point and click” the LCD screen. Many users need to discuss some things in front of the computer screen, and sometimes they can't avoid marking on the screen. Using a finger, pen, or other hard object to directly touch the LCD screen, this is a very bad habit. It will give the LCD. The screen is scratched with irreparable scars that can affect the display.
                            What is the correct way to clean the LCD screen?

                            We know that the LCD panel is mainly composed of two pieces of sodium-free glass sandwiched by a sandwich consisting of a polarizer, a liquid crystal layer, and a color filter. The surface of the LCD screen looks like a solid black screen. In fact, manufacturers will add a special layer of coating on this screen. The main function of this special coating is to prevent the user from being reflected and glare by other light sources while using it, and at the same time enhancing the color contrast effect of the LCD screen itself. There are three ways to clean this layer. The first is the most formal but also the most troublesome: Buy LCD special cleaners or special cleaning wipes to clean the screen. This method works best, but to pay for it, the maintenance cost is not zero, and many consumers are disgusted with it, and feel troubled not to do it. The second method is to use a soft, soft lens cloth to slightly dipped in water and wring it out to gently wipe the screen. The third method, the simplest method, is to gently wipe off the dust with a dry soft-bristle brush. can. Another point to note is that you need to drive the LCD power supply while cleaning, and do not power on the LCD.