How Is LCD Backlight Developed In Special Industries?

- Aug 29, 2018-



LCD backlights are developed in special industries as follows:


   The development of the industry in recent years has all predicted the development prospects of health lighting. LCD backlight illumination has reached high-tech innovation and leading level in the general application field, and the Red Sea competition area is a foregone conclusion. And health lighting will abandon the blue light hazard. Therefore, the health-oriented LED industry will be ushered in a new round of market reshuffle.


  The future market development also proves that the market prospect of China's health lighting is huge. According to the application market share of developed countries in the United States, the demand for health lighting in the United States in 2009 has reached 18%. For example, the application of LED health lighting in China can develop rapidly. In 2020, the scale of health services reached more than 8 trillion. This market segment has been favored, and major companies have begun to invest.


   The domestic table lamp LCD backlight belongs to the health lighting enterprise Opp. The development of this industry has entered the core advantages of intelligence, health and fashion. While the core products are intelligently upgraded, it also targets the relevant lighting environment design, allowing users. It can be adjusted according to its own situation to help users fall asleep healthily. This kind of sleep environment design will be more suitable for many domestic consumers with high pressure and poor sleep quality, and truly achieve the application purpose of health lighting.


   Under the support of the continuous development of technology, people's demand for LCD backlights for lamps is no longer limited to surface illumination, but more attention is paid to the degree of adaptation of LED light sources, especially the environmental development of health lighting. It is not only the physiological laws of the human body, but also the redefinition of the quality of lighting throughout the industry.