Hope That Samsung And Other Manufacturers Will Introduce 100% Screen Share As Soon As Possible

- May 28, 2018-

At present, the offensive of domestic mobile phones has intensified. At the same time, Huawei, Xiaomi and other manufacturers have also launched their own flagship mobile phones to enter the high-end mobile phone market, which was originally dominated by Apple, Samsung and other manufacturers. Currently, Korean research institutions have already sensed the crisis and released reports. It is hoped that Samsung, the Korean mobile phone giant, will develop as early as possible a mobile phone with a screen ratio of nearly 100% to counter the attack on domestic mobile phones.

South Korea’s KT Institute of Economics released the smart phone market report on May 26. KT Institute of Economic Research reported that Korean mobile phone manufacturers such as Samsung should launch a mobile phone with nearly 100% screen share as soon as possible to resist the strong offensive of Chinese mobile phones. Samsung's flagship mobile phone Galaxy S9|S9+ now has the highest proportion of screens, but it still does not reach 100%.

Samsung’s next flagship phone is the Galaxy Note9 announced in the second half of the year. IT home found a Samsung mobile phone with a SM-N960N model on Geekbench. The phone's processor is the Samsung's Orion processor Exynos 9810. On the run, the Samsung SM-N960N scored 2737 with a single-core score of 9064. This result slightly outweighed the previous exposure of the Qualcomm version 845 Samsung Note 9.

Now, there is reliable news that the Galaxy Note 9 storage is up to 512GB, and it can also be extended with a microSD card. And whether it is 256 or 512GB, will be equipped with 8GB of storage, the basic model is still using 6 + 64GB design.

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