Hon Hai Merged Three Companies To Attack The Optoelectronic Display Industry

- May 08, 2019-

Hon Hai and Innolux set up three new derivative companies, namely Shengli Technology, led by Wu Haiwei, the chief technology officer of Hon Hai Group, and Ruisheng Optoelectronics and Qunfeng Jun Technology. The three companies were approved by the council on the 30th, with an investment amount of 100 million yuan (NTD, the same below), 200 million yuan and 1.5 billion yuan. The former will be stationed in Zhuke Zhunan Park, and the latter two will be established in Nanke Group. Factory area.


The Science and Technology Ministry Science and Technology Review Conference passed six investment cases yesterday, with a total investment of 2.26 billion yuan, namely, three bamboo families, one family and two families.


The most eye-catching is that Hon Hai Group once filed an application for three new startups, which were reviewed and approved. It will invest 1.8 billion yuan, accounting for 80% of the total investment yesterday. Shengshi Technology will produce a large-scale public display with seamless splicing screens ( PID); Ruisheng Optoelectronics mainly produces X-ray flat panel image sensor factory; Qunfeng Jun Technology produces car display. Shows the strong intention of Hon Hai Group to attack the PID, X-ray sensor and automotive panel market.


Shengli Shi Technology was established in the standard factory of Zhuke Zhunan Park. It was established by Hon Hai through its overseas subsidiaries. The chairman and general manager is Wu Yiwei, the veteran of the optoelectronic industry. The main product is Fiber optic component. FO) and seamless display (Seamless Display; SD).