Hon Hai Launches Groundbreaking Ceremony For 10.5 Generation LCD Panel Plant In Weizhou, USA

- May 02, 2018-


According to The Journal Times, the Weizhou media, Hon Hai was held in the ground-breaking ceremony on Thursday afternoon in the Panel City Park in Wisconsin. The local government officials stood in front of the site where the original vegetable plot was planted, marking Hon Hai's manufacturing park. Construction is about to start and it is expected that the excavation will begin as soon as April 30th.

Weizhou government officials participated in the groundbreaking ceremony of the Hon Hai production park. Photographed "The Journal Times"

The progress of the Hon Hai Weizhou plant has been rapid. Chairman Guo Ting-Ming announced in July that the investment in Weizhou in the White House has not yet reached the end of one year.

High officials from Racine, Mount Pleasant, Racine and Wisconsin-Gilbane Building Company attended the ceremony.

Adam Jelen, senior vice president of Wisconsin-Gilbane Building Company, said that 90% of the initial construction workers are from Wisconsin.

However, we did not see Guo Dong specially assisting Hu Guohui. He issued a statement saying: “This is an important milestone. We are very happy to advance the plan and honor our commitment to Premier Wei.”

The investment activities of Hon Hai's panel plant in Wisconsin have been officially launched at the end of 2017, of which the first batch of US$60 million has been exported in the middle or late December of last year. The construction of the first wave of surrounding projects was also started in January this year.

Terry Gou announced recently that it will invest US$10 billion in the United States in the next four years. The first step is to build the world’s most advanced liquid crystal display (LCD) panel plant in Wisconsin, which is expected to create 3,000 new job opportunities for the state and opportunities to From the perspective of 13,000 people.

Rapid progress

In October last year, Mount Pleasant was announced as the future home of Foxconn. Since then, great progress has been made in both the state and the region.

“In the past year, we have negotiated and approved a development agreement, financing agreement, many licenses, and participated in discussions with state and local agencies and partners,” said David DeGroot, head of Mount Pleasant. "The number of possible coordination and cooperation today is unprecedented and it is worth celebrating."

Racine Mayor Cory Mason met Foxconn’s Woo and the director of the US strategic plan for the Taiwanese company at least one hour in Racine City Hall on Wednesday. He said: “This is a special and historic day.” “This is a generation. The best economic opportunity to come to this area," Mason said.

This week, Mount Pleasant completed the transfer of nearly 800 acres of land to Foxconn, an important part of the project's area, and was able to initiate the initial field work.

Land transfer also marks a financial milestone, as it can begin to transfer $75 million in special assessment fees to villages for transfer to Foxconn property as required by the local development agreement. In addition, Foxconn provided US$60 million in December 2017 for land acquisition in District 2 and District 3.

The first phase of work

Jelen said the first phase of the tender totaled about $100 million in contracts.

He explained that the first phase would include a massive excavation of about 4 million cubic yards of soil, control of erosion and stormwater management, in order to prepare the site for the next step of the infrastructure. He said that this amount of soil is equivalent to a 625-yard deep National Football League venue.

“Early development site work will cost about 500,000 man-hours, employ 400 people, and create 800 direct and indirect jobs,” he said, and expects the project to be extended until August 2019.

Jelen said that the construction plan will begin later this year and next year.