Great God Broke The News! Suspected Millet Three-stage Folding Mobile Phone Exposure

- Jan 04, 2019-

At 12 o'clock on January 4th, Evan Blass, a foreign god, released a video on Twitter. In the video, a tablet suspected of being a millet is being operated. What is amazing is that the tablet has been folded into one third.


According to the video, this device is equipped with the latest MIUI10, which is displayed in flat mode when the screen is unfolded. It adopts a three-stage design (folding inward), and the folded screen is currently only about 4 inches. Then it is displayed in the phone mode. Unlike Samsung's previously exposed folding screen phones, this folding screen features a three-fold design.


Evan Blass said in a tweet that he could not say the authenticity of the video or device, but it is said to have been made by Xiaomi. Although we don't know if it is a millet product, or if the device is close to the market, in the video, the tablet does work and reacts to touch gestures when there are no seams before folding.

It is understood that Samsung has been committed to the development of collapsible equipment for many years. In the Samsung SDC (developer conference) last year, Samsung first publicly displayed the folding screen device with a development time of up to 5 years. The phone's "Infinity Flex" The display folds along the folding flip and there is another screen in front. In contrast, this one-third curved screen is more prominent.


As foldable screens are increasingly expected, major mobile phone manufacturers are scrambling to showcase their foldable phones. Especially after Google confirmed that Android will support foldable phones. OPPO also said it will launch its foldable device at the Mobile World Congress in February, and we will wait and see how the future folding screen will evolve.