Fujian Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision And Administration Commission

- Oct 09, 2018-

Helitai announced on the evening of October 8 that the company’s original real person, Wen Kaifu, and Fujian Electronic Information (Group) Co., Ltd. signed the “Share Transfer Agreement”. After the completion of the equity transfer and voting rights, the share of the company's shares with voting rights in the future will be 29.79%. The controlling shareholder of the company will be changed from Wen Kaifu to the electronic information group, and the actual controller will be changed from Wen Kaifu to Fujian Province. SASAC. The company's stock will resume trading on October 9.


According to the agreement, Wen Kaifu and its identified shareholders of the company transferred 469 million shares of the company they held, accounting for 15% of the company's total shares to the electronic information group; meanwhile, Wen Kaifu agreed to be within five years from the date of transfer of the shares, The entire remaining shares of the target company held by it are exclusively, freely and irrevocably entrusted to the electronic information group. The transfer price per share is not less than 6.86 yuan. The company's share price before the suspension on September 7 was 5.61 yuan / share.


It is worth noting that Wen Kaifu promised that under the premise of the transferee not interfering with the normal operation of the target company, the audited net profit of Helitai 2018, 2019 and 2020 should not be less than 1.356 billion yuan, 1.492 billion yuan and 16.11. 100 million yuan. If the performance commitment is not fulfilled, the transferee has the right to request the transfer of Fang Wenkai to compensate the transferee by share or cash.


Inquired about the company's annual report in recent years, Helitai's net profit for home in 2017 was 1.179 billion yuan, and the net profit for 2016 was 873 million yuan.


After the transfer of shares, Helitai's existing board of directors and board of supervisors will remain unchanged, but the directors will be adjusted. The electronic information group will recommend and nominate six non-independent directors, two independent directors and two supervisors. Two independent directors may be recommended and nominated. In principle, the Electronic Information Group does not interfere with other management personnel of Helitai.


According to the information, Electronic Information Group was established in September 2000 with a registered capital of 4.732 billion yuan. Its business scope includes the management of state-owned assets within the authorization; property rights (equity) management; and network products, software and electronic information services, communications, broadcasting. Investment, holding, and participation in TV audio-visual, computer and peripheral equipment and applications, electronic basic materials and components, household appliances, optical products, electronic measuring instruments, machining and special equipment, transportation electronics and other products outside the electronics industry; Investment in properties and hotels.


The business operation of the Electronic Information Group has a certain overlap with Helitai. Helitai is in the production and manufacturing of electronic components. The company's main business includes comprehensive screen module, touch screen module, liquid crystal display module, electronic paper module, camera module, fingerprint recognition module and wireless charging module. R&D, production and sales of core components, high-frequency materials compatible with 5G and supporting flexible circuit boards, cover glass, backlights, etc. The products are mainly used in communication equipment, consumer electronics, household appliances, office equipment, digital products. , automotive electronics, finance and finance, industrial control, medical equipment, smart wear, smart retail and other fields.


In March 2014, Helitai made a price of 2.769 billion yuan and re-named the joint chemical industry. The company was founded in 2004 by Wen Kaifu, Tang Jiyu and Yu Da. Helitai announced at the time of suspension of trading on September 9 this year that Wen Kaifu and his concerted action Chen Yun intend to transfer more than 5% of the shares held by the company to the economic development of Jinling Mausoleum in Jinggangshan Development Zone, Ji'an City. Limited. According to the data, the company is a wholly state-owned enterprise and its wholly-owned parent company is the Jinggangshan Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee.


Wen Kaifu also served as the representative of the 12th People's Congress of Jiangxi Province, member of the 3rd Committee of Ji'an City of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and the 13th Vice Chairman of the Taihe County Federation of Industry and Commerce. As of now, Helitai has not disclosed further information on this equity transfer.