Foxconn's US Panel Factory Recruits Thousands Of People

- Oct 10, 2018-

Foxconn's LCD panel factory in the United States is located in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin, USA. Foxconn will hold five recruitment meetings here in the next few months. Job seekers must submit their materials to the Foxconn website in advance, and only those who have obtained the interview qualification can go to the recruitment meeting to carry out the following other matters.


According to reports, Foxconn will hold its first job fair on October 13, and will hold job fairs in various parts of Wisconsin on October 21, 24, 27 and November 2. These five job fairs will be held. Recruiting the Foxconn US factory, the ultimate goal is to create 13,000 new jobs in 2023, which is also Foxconn's commitment to build a factory in the United States.


The scale of Foxconn's recruitment is not small. It is the first time at Leshan's recruitment conference, Foxconn will interview more than 2,000 people. It is worth noting that this is Foxconn's first large-scale recruitment in the United States. This recruitment position involves professional functions and management. According to reports, Americans apply for these positions. They will say that Chinese will be a plus item. Although they will not be able to speak Chinese, they will speak Chinese. In the same batch, they will be preferred.


Foxconn vice president and Sharp chairman Louis Woo said that Foxconn's US panel factory was originally planned to be the most advanced 10.5 generation line, but now it has become the 6th generation line. Louis Woo explained that the 10.5 generation line will be built. It will encounter competition from Chinese manufacturers, so that it will be eliminated by the market. The 6th generation line can have different uses than the 10.5 generation line, such as bending and can be used for on-board displays.


In addition to the change in the panel production line, Foxconn’s original staff ratio has also changed. The initial staffing plan is 75% of the assembly line workers, 25% of the engineers and managers, and now it is 10% of the production line workers, 90% It is a technical employee, and the manufacturing work of the panel factory is mainly done by robots and a large number of automation equipment. .


Will upgrading automation lead to a decline in the number of recruits in Foxconn? Louis Woo said that he denied that he promised that Foxconn's commitment to create 13,000 jobs for the United States would not be changed. It could be achieved, and even more than 13,000 employees could be employed.


Of course, it is still difficult to recruit in the United States. After all, there are not many workers in the United States. For this reason, Foxconn has promised that the average annual salary of employees of the US LCD panel base will reach 54,000 US dollars, which is higher than the average monthly salary of 3,500 US dollars. A lot.