Foxconn Responds To Dispatching Chinese Employees To Wisconsin: False News

- Nov 08, 2018-

The news of Foxconn's establishment of the US factory is a high-profile business circle. The world's largest foundry has entered the US base camp. This sounds exciting, not to mention Foxconn's promise of $10 billion in investment and creation of 1.3. The vision of a job.


US President Trump, the governor of Wisconsin and the big boss Guo Taiming attended the groundbreaking ceremony of Foxconn's American factory. How to see Foxconn's construction should be a matter of course. However, the reality is far more complicated than expected. After the high-profile break-through of Foxconn's US plant, news of the downgrade of the production line was reported. The original 10.5-generation LCD panel was changed to the 6th generation panel factory. In this regard, the reasons given by Foxconn, in addition to the high investment costs, lack of talent, but also the United States Corning (Coring) can not smoothly supply the 10.5 generation of panels required for the large-size glass substrate and other factors.


When this news came out, it immediately aroused public opinion. It was obvious that the original ambitions were still in the ear, and in the blink of an eye, the farce of the investment plan changes was staged. It must be said that this change was quite unexpected. Of course, for Wisconsin, Foxconn’s outfall is not only a matter of change in investment plans, but even a bit of suspicion of face-lifting. After all, after paying a record $28.5 billion subsidy, it’s true that Foxconn turned out to be To change, this change is likely to lead to the shrinking of Foxconn's US construction project.


Although Foxconn still emphasizes 1.3 high-value jobs and $10 billion in project investment, more and more people question whether Wisconsin can recover huge subsidies to Foxconn. Be aware that this is not only the largest in Wisconsin's history, but also the largest grant from the US government to foreign companies.


The huge subsidy was recycled, and there was news that Foxconn would send Chinese employees to Wisconsin. According to foreign media report He Verge, Foxconn is considering sending some Chinese employees to Wisconsin, USA. These employees may be engineers and will fill the potential population gap. What exactly do people want to say? Originally, because of the changes in investment projects, the promise of increasing employment in the United States is now facing a variable, and this is absolutely a blue sky for Wisconsin.


is this real? Does Foxconn really want to send Chinese employees to the US factory? On the occasion of public debate, Foxconn is clearly unable to sit still. It is understood that Foxconn denied the news of recruiting Chinese employees. In this regard, Foxconn said: "We can definitely say that the news about our recruitment of Chinese employees to the Wisconsin project is false news. Our recruitment principle is still Wisconsin priority, we are still committed to recruiting employees from Wisconsin And train them. We will recruit workers from other states in the United States as needed."


It seems that things have developed here, and it is quite reassuring. Although the investment projects have changed, Foxconn is still trying to implement the promises. As to whether Foxconn can complete the promises, it obviously takes time to give an answer. In this regard, Xiaobian just wants to say, we believe that Foxconn has built a blueprint for the US factory. We also believe that the changes in investment projects may have deeper considerations. The shopping malls are changing, and it is certainly possible to judge the situation, but it is not just to paint cakes. ".