Foreign Media Said That LG's IPhone OLED Screen Is Finally In Mass Production: Only 400,000 Pieces Can Be Supplied This Year

- Nov 07, 2018-

In September of this year, the E6 production line of LG Korea plant was approved by Apple, and Apple hopes that LG can mass-produce OLED screens. However, LG's mass production ramp rate does not seem to meet Apple's demand.


After months of testing, deliberation, and failed mass production commitments, LG has finally begun mass production of OLED screens for Apple's new iPhone. LG has finally become the second screen supplier for new iPhones after Samsung, breaking Samsung. Monopoly situation.


However, LG's output is still relatively cramped. Previously, foreign media reported that LG could only produce no more than 2 million screens by the end of this year, but the actual situation may be even worse.


In fact, the Korean media recently said that LG is likely to provide only 400,000 screens this year, far less than the previous forecast of 2 million. Therefore, consumers who are worried about the lottery need not worry about it until the end of the year.


South Korean analysts said that Apple should provide LG's OLED screen with a price of 90 US dollars / block, relatively speaking, the cost of Samsung screen is about 100 US dollars, analysts believe that only then can Apple be included in the supply chain selection as soon as possible.