Flexible OLED Applications Have Limited So Screen Fingerprints Have To Look At LCD

- May 15, 2018-

At present, China's mobile phone manufacturers are the most intensely differentiated three different components, mainly in the field of display screens, fingerprint recognition, and cameras. These three components are directly reflected in the consumers' sense of touch and visual use. If they are publicized, it is easy for consumers to resonate.

However, as the AI artificial intelligence algorithm gradually began to gain popularity in the mobile phone industry, many different functions in the camera field will be replaced by the later software algorithms. The final focus may be only on the focus and storage speed, but will no longer be concerned The software quality that can be completed by the later software algorithm, so the competition in the camera field will soon be likened to the industry as audio processing.

So now the smart phone manufacturers have transferred the object of differential competition to the display screen and fingerprint recognition, the labeling of the OLED and the LCD, the identification of the pre-fingerprint and the post-fingerprint, the fingerprint identification of the external fingerprint, and the fingerprint recognition under the screen. The benchmarking has gradually become a hot topic in the industry.