Faced With The Impact Of Trade Wars, How Will The Touch Panel Factory Geng Hong Respond?

- May 17, 2019-

At the shareholders meeting, Jiang Hongrui, chairman of Suihong, said that although the touch industry has not yet encountered the impact of the trade war, overall, the industry is still relatively sluggish, it is difficult to have great growth opportunities, manufacturers must stabilize However, because the company has been committed to physical adjustment in the past few years, it will strive to achieve profitability throughout the year.


For the trade war, Jiang Chaorui said that this is a big environmental problem as a whole, and it is also a protracted war. For a single company, there is no way to change the environment. It can only be adjusted quickly by itself to survive in a chaotic situation.


However, the production base of Yuhong is mainland, will it adjust the production line to other areas? Jiang Chaorui said that the adjustment of the production area will lead to the whole body, and the short-term adjustment will be made through physical adjustment.


In the new technology section, Jiang Chaorui pointed out that nano silver technology was developed in 2004. Now there are only two suppliers left in the company. One of them is Cambrios, which is invested by the company. It also owns 70% of the global patents, and the company also has the mainland. The panel maker, BOE, collaborated to apply nanosilver to the 65-inch ultra-large whiteboard (IWB).


Jiang Chaorui said that the company has built the first nano-silver production line in Xiang'an factory. The products have also passed customer certification. It is expected to start small shipments in the fourth quarter of this year and will ship in large quantities next year.


As for the progress of investing in Japan's display factory JDI, Jiang Chaorui said that investing in JDI is because they are optimistic that they have good in-cell technology and the layout of OLEDs, but only the investors and the investors are still negotiating, and there is no break. The problem, the estimated time will not be delayed for too long, and there should be results soon.