Experience The Flexible Screen In The Future On The Plane

- Dec 13, 2018-

Softwoo Technology Co., Ltd. and Airbus China Innovation Center formally signed a strategic cooperation memorandum in Shenzhen. The two sides will conduct research on the application and commercial cooperation of flexible electronic technology in aircraft cabins and other scenarios. The news was one of a series of cooperation plans announced at the same time the AirAsia's first Asian Innovation Center in Shenzhen, China.


According to the content of the memorandum, Rouyu Technology will jointly explore the application of flexible display and flexible sensing in the cabin and other aspects of Airbus, and further enhance the cabin environment, safety, energy saving, etc., to create a future, digital and personalized for passengers. Flight experience.


Luo Gang, CEO of the research center, said: The first step to achieving this goal is to replace the existing screen, which will also reduce quality and fuel consumption and reduce fares. He added that flexible displays can also enter the cockpit to make the images more vivid.


It is understood that the Airbus China Innovation Center (ACIC) in Shenzhen, China is the first innovation center of Airbus in Asia. Its mission is to make full use of local advantages, including innovative talents, partners and ecosystems. The combination of passenger car expertise in the aerospace industry explores breakthrough technologies, business models and new growth opportunities. The Airbus China Innovation Center is now fully operational and the opening of the new office is scheduled to take place in early 2019.


Softwoo Technology is a research, development, production and sales company focused on the next generation of human-computer interaction and Internet of Everything technologies and products. Launched in 2018, the world's first true consumer-grade foldable flexible screen phone FlexPai soft. The cooperation between the two companies will drive the entry of flexible electronic products into the aircraft cabin for commercial operations, and we may be able to reach this new gadget in the cabin soon.