Emergency Stop Loss Apple Or Plan To Transfer IPhone Orders To Heshuo

- Dec 17, 2018-

The ban on the sale of the Fuzhou Intermediate People's Court has pushed Apple to the forefront. According to legal procedures, Apple can only reconcile or directly choose to reconcile with Qualcomm. Although Apple said in a statement to the media today that it will release software updates next week to circumvent the “infringement” patents, it will continue to be targeted by Qualcomm.


It is worth noting that there is an exclusionary requirement in the seven iPhone bans. The iPhone from Heshuo can be sold in China normally, because the two-way patent agreement between Heshuo and Qualcomm contains the two involved in the case. The IP combination, but Foxconn and Wistron do not.


The Nikkei reported that Apple has already transferred part of the capacity of the iPhone in China to early negotiations with Heshuo as one of the countermeasures against the ban. However, the problem is that Pegatron's production capacity is far less than that of Foxconn, and if Apple is difficult to make up its mind, it will disrupt the existing production plan.


The report also estimates that if the ban is finally in force, Apple will have a $5 billion in revenue loss in the few days left in 2018.


Of course, Apple has never feared legal warfare. After all, it does not rule out the possibility of delaying or even overturning the ban.