Dozens Of Chinese Companies Cooperate With LG OLED

- May 14, 2018-

“In the Chinese market, we started the commercial display business of OLED from the middle of last year. The sensitivity of downstream companies is very high and we are actively looking for cooperation with us.” Wang Gang said that the cooperation with Chongqing Xun Control started from last year. There are dozens of domestic partners such as Chongqing Xuncheng. OLED's bendable, ultra-slim and other characteristics determine it is very suitable for "personalized" customization. It is precisely because of this that the OLED splice business is almost always customized. Similar to the downstream companies such as Chongqing Express, after receiving the business, the designers of LG Korea will design the splicing method according to the customer's needs, and will customize the product after production in South Korea. Shipped to China for installation.

Wang Gang said that since mid-year last year, sales in the OLED commercial display segment have exceeded 60 million yuan. In OLED single-screen business, LG entered the Chinese market a few years ago. Skyworth, Konka, and Changhong have all used OLED screens on TVs. TCL and Hisense also started purchasing OLED products this year.

"OLED as a new technology will surely eliminate LED and LCD in the future. At present, due to limited global production capacity, high prices, and just beginning to promote the market, it only leads to a relatively low share, but the development trend is all visible. Wang Gang said that LG expects to start production of its first large-size OLED panel production line in China in Guangzhou in the second half of this year.

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