Chinese Manufacturers Will Usher In A New Wave Of AMOLED Panel Investment Boom

- Apr 28, 2019-

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As Apple plans to adopt AMOLED panels in the iPhone series next year, the market demand for AMOLED smart phone panels will be greatly enhanced, and the visibility of AMOLED smart phones in the market will be further promoted. The latest research by WitsView, a photoelectric business division of TrendForce, points out that In 2016, the penetration rate of AMOLED smart phones will exceed 21%, and by 2019 there will be a chance to reach 40%.

Samsung Display used to work in the small and medium-sized AMOLED panel market for a long time, but only the self-owned brand Samsung Electronics adopted it a lot. Until Apple intends to change the AMOLED panel in the next year, it will drive the market to chase the AMOLED boom.

WisView senior research manager Fan Bozhen said that in 2016, in addition to GalaxyS, Note series and other high-end smart phone models, some mid-range models also began to introduce AMOLED panels, Samsung smart phones equipped with AMOLED panel penetration rate has the opportunity to further increase to 70%.

In addition to supplying its own brand, the number of Samsung display AMOLED panel sales has also increased significantly. In particular, the target ratios of Chinese brands such as OPPO and Vivo for smart phones equipped with AMOLED panels have also risen to over 50%.

Fan Bozhen pointed out that in 2017, Apple is expected to officially introduce AMOLED mobile phone panels, which will once again promote the visibility of AMOLED smart phones in the market, and thus affect the market structure of high-end mobile phones. The LTPS panels that have been widely adopted in the high-end mobile phone market in recent years will bear the brunt. Will trigger a new wave of price wars in the middle and high-end panels.

Since the current production capacity of the evaporation equipment required for the AMOLED panel process is mostly controlled by the Korean factory, the Samsung display will be the biggest beneficiary of this wave. At the same time, LG Display and Japanese monitors have also accelerated the development and mass production of AMOLED mobile phone panel products, trying to catch up with the Samsung display, allowing Apple to balance its supply chain relationship.

WitsView predicts that after 2018, LG Display and Japanese monitors will have the opportunity to enter the supply chain of Apple's AMOLED panels. Chinese manufacturers have also begun a new wave of investment in AMOLED panels.

A picture to understand the AMOLED smart phone penetration trend

WitsView estimates that the penetration rate of AMOLED smart phones will exceed 21% in 2016.