Chinese Enterprises Invest In JDI Or Postpone Review Of JDI Business Prospects

- May 14, 2019-

Mainland and Taiwanese companies plan to invest in JDI may be delayed. JDI said that the buyer group has informed JDI that it will make internal decisions about the investment after revisiting the prospects of JDI's business performance. The group includes Taiwan's flat-panel TV maker TPK Holdings and mainland investment company Harvest Group.


In mid-April, JDI announced that it has received joint funding support from the mainland and Taiwanese business alliances of up to 80 billion yen (about 729.33 million US dollars).


It is understood that after the signing of the agreement, the enterprise alliance will have nearly 50% of the shares, and become the largest shareholder of JDI, and the original Japanese company cooperation fund INCJ will retreat.


JDI said that it welcomes the alliance between the mainland and Taiwan to become the company's largest shareholder. This move will help to improve the company's development, sell JDI's LCD panel to Chinese manufacturers and help JDI get rid of losses.


However, according to previous reports, although JDI has reached an agreement with the enterprise alliance, there are still uncertain factors in whether the funds can finally be in place.