Break Code LCD Module Operation Precautions

- Jun 22, 2018-


graphic lcd module.jpg


First, operation precautions:

1, the display screen is made of glass, do not give mechanical impact, such as falling from a height and so on.

2, if the display is damaged, the internal liquid crystal leaks, do not let it into the mouth. If it gets on clothes or skin, wash it with soap and water.

3. Do not apply excessive force to the display surface or the connection area of the liquid crystal module, as this will cause a change in color tone. 4. The polarizing film on the LCD module display surface is soft and easy to scratch. Be careful.

5. If the display surface of the LCD module is dirty, wipe it with a soft, dry cloth. If it is heavily soiled, wipe it with isopropyl alcohol or ethanol (alcohol) with a damp cloth.

6, other solvents may damage the polarizer, especially water, ketones, aromatics and so on.

7. When using the mounting hole to install the LCD module, make sure it is not twisted, bent or deformed. Deformation can have a major impact on display quality.

8. When installing the LCD module, do not forcibly pull or bend the I/O lead or the backlight lead.

9. Touching the TAB of the LCD module may result in abnormal display. Do not touch TAB.

10. Do not disassemble the LCD module.

11. The NC foot should be left unconnected.

12. If the logic circuit power is cut off, do not input the signal.

13, in order to prevent the components of the electrostatic damage, maintain a good working environment. 14, to avoid open circuit, be careful about the operation of heat sealing paper. 15, the edge of the glass screen is sharp and careful operation.

Second, storage considerations

1. When storing the LCD module, avoid direct exposure to sunlight or fluorescent light. Store the liquid crystal module in an antistatic bag and store it under room temperature and humidity. (Avoid high humidity/high temperature and low temperature below 0°C.) If possible, the liquid crystal module should be stored under the conditions when shipped from our company.

a. Do not drop on the ground when you handle the module.

b. Assembly tools, such as soldering iron, must be properly grounded.

c. In order to reduce the generation of static electricity, do not perform assembly and other work in a dry environment.

d. The liquid crystal module has a film that protects the display screen. Be careful when removing this protective film because static electricity may be generated.

2. Minimize electrode corrosion. Water droplets, moisture condensation, or currents at high temperatures may accelerate electrode corrosion.

Third, other

1. At low temperatures (below the storage temperature range), solidification of the liquid crystal can cause directional defects or bubbles (black or white). Bubbles are also generated when the liquid crystal module is subjected to strong vibrations at low temperatures.

2. If the LCD module works for a long time and displays the same pattern, the pattern will remain on the screen like a phantom and subtle contrast differences will occur. If you want to resume normal working conditions, you can temporarily stop using it for a while. It is worth noting that this phenomenon does not adversely affect the reliability of the performance.