BOE Will First Enter The First Group Of Global LCD Production Lines

- Apr 26, 2018-


The scenery is good here. In 2013, the size of China's flat panel display industry has reached 138.8 billion U.S. dollars, and by 2015 it will reach 150 billion U.S. dollars, and it will continue to grow. The scale of the Chinese market has also become the largest in the world, with long-term development potential. At present, mainland China is equipped with new production lines and uses new processes such as low-temperature polysilicon and oxide LCD. These factors all provide the possibility for its growth. On the one hand, the output is improving. On the other hand, quality and technology are gradually improving and progressing. According to the current development plan, BOE is likely to first enter the first group of global LCD production lines.

As a new direction of development, 4K TV will also promote the development of the flat panel display industry in China. In 2011, Japan switched to digital television and stopped the analog television. In 2011, TV sales in 2011 increased to 22 million units. Next year, Japan will launch 4K Ultra HD channels, and large-size TV sales will also increase. The analog television signal broadcast that China originally planned to stop by 2015 is now postponed to 2020. This will promote the development of China's flat panel industry. Moreover, in terms of policy, the government also proposed that information consumption should contribute to boost domestic demand.

Different from the photovoltaic industry, liquid crystal displays and flat panel displays are semi-conductive businesses and are not easy to enter. Unlike photovoltaics, the technical threshold is relatively low. Therefore, the industry needs to accumulate experience, accumulate experience, and cultivate talents to develop. At the same time, in the past few years, flat panel display has encountered development opportunities, namely digital display, mobile display, etc., so its market development prospects are considerable.

The prospects for the flat panel display industry in China are optimistic, have long-term development potential, coupled with good opportunities for development, and the government has also given certain support, which all play a significant role in promoting the development of the flat panel display industry in China. .