BOE Plans To Increase Investment In Electronic Control Production By 100 Million Yuan, Accelerate The Transition To IoT Enterprises

- Jul 31, 2018-

On July 30, BOE issued a notice saying that in order to further increase industrial investment, enhance core competitiveness, and promote the growth of new industries, the strategic goal of transforming to the Internet of Things will be realized as soon as possible, and the IoT smart port industry chain investment project will be launched. The company intends to use the industrial development model of “Industry + Capital” of Beijing Electronics Holding Co., Ltd., and jointly cooperate with Beijing Electronic Control and its subsidiaries, North Huachuang and Electronic City, to jointly increase RMB 570 million to Beijing Electronic Control Industry Investment Co., Ltd., including BOE. It invested 100 million yuan and used it as a platform for investment in Beijing's electronic control industry, driving the high-quality development of the industry through capital operation.

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The announcement shows that the initial stage of electronic control production is mainly invested in three industrial fields: technology services, integrated circuit equipment, and the upstream and downstream industries of the IoT smart port industry chain; follow-up, and gradually expanded to industrial fields such as cultural creativity and new energy.


BOE said that the electronically controlled production investment is the industrial investment platform company of Beijing Electronic Control. The electronically controlled production investment will be market-oriented and become the core platform for the future development of capital operation, equity investment and layout industry. After the completion of the shareholding company, BOE will use the electronically controlled production and investment platform to find high-quality enterprises in the industry on a global scale, carry out industrial mergers and acquisitions, and enhance the industrial scale, core competitiveness and overall profitability; The upstream and downstream of the IoT smart port industry chain will carry out equity investment, explore new projects and new industries that support future development, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading. In this process, we can strengthen the strategic relationship with industrial investors, investment institutions, and financial institutions, and give full play to the resource advantages and synergies of each partner. The company's investment in electronically controlled production and investment platform is of great significance to BOE's strategic plan for transforming into an IoT enterprise.