BOE And US Rohinni Jointly Produce MicroLED In China

- Jan 11, 2019-

On January 10, 2019, as people began to pursue competitive consumer electronics or industrial products, there was a huge demand for distinctive and high-performance displays. Under this trend, BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. and Rohinni Corporation of the United States decided to form a joint venture to jointly produce ultra-thin miniature LED (light-emitting diode) lighting solutions for display backlights. Compared with the existing manufacturing process, the display products created by the two parties will reach an unprecedented height in terms of speed, accuracy and yield, and open a new era of display.


The joint venture, controlled by BOE, will combine BOE's renowned next-generation liquid crystal display (LCD) design and display advantages, as well as the world's leading manufacturing expertise, with Rohinni's proprietary high-speed micro LED placement technology. In addition, the new company will also use Rohinni's ready-to-market technology, which is three to five times faster than traditional pick-and-place processes, with 50 chips per second and an accuracy of 10 microns. The chip yield to consumer products is as high as 99.999%. Rohinni's process has been patented, allowing manufacturers to mount miniature LEDs on substrates with speed and precision to support high volume production. Such high levels of speed, accuracy and yield represent the first economically viable process technology that can take full advantage of the advantages of mini and micro LEDs.


The joint venture will be based in China, initially focusing on large-size consumer electronics (displays with a diagonal of 32 inches or more) and displays in different sizes in the industrial and automotive markets. Rohinni's manufacturing technology, as well as thin-film micro and mini LED products produced using these technologies, have a wide range of applications, creating new possibilities for design and product differentiation. TVs and screens of any size can be brighter and better contrasted, and the lights can be as thin as the line, giving the product a new dynamic lighting performance. The lighting products designed in this way can now be as thin as paper, more uniform, more dynamic, and also brighter and more energy efficient. The joint venture, controlled by BOE, will be able to bring micro and mini LED products to market faster and more cost-effectively, replacing OLEDs (Organic Light Emitting Diodes).


Matthew Gerber, CEO of Rohinni, said: "The establishment of this joint venture is a milestone, and the way we use light in consumer electronics will make a huge leap. It will change the look and feel of global products. How we work. We are very happy to let designers make the most of their talents. The new consumer products that are about to be created are setting off a new wave. BOE has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the LCD market and applications, so our cooperation will Very happy, and this joint venture will also be rewarded."


Dong Jing, chief technology officer of BOE Display and Sensors Business Unit, said: “Jingdong has always adhered to cooperation and win-win, providing customers with more valuable products and services. Deep cooperation with Rohinni is a new breakthrough in the field of LCD display. The two companies will The combination of their respective professional advantages will definitely bring brighter, lighter, more energy-efficient LCD backlight solutions to customers around the world."