BOE Adopts Qijing Optoelectronics Car Display Solution

- May 31, 2019-

It is reported that Taiwanese chip maker Qijing Optoelectronics has said that it has launched flexible OLED automotive display drivers and timing controllers for BOE.


Qijing Optoelectronics' flexible OLED display driver technology in film-on-film (COF) package is used in BOE's 12.3-inch three-unit flexible crimp OLED car display, mainly used in the cockpit area, with a frame of only 0.99 mm.


In addition to OLED drivers, Qijing Optoelectronics has developed a custom timing controller for BOE to produce thinner and lighter flexible flexible OLED automotive displays.


According to Jordan Wu, President and CEO of Wonder King Optoelectronics, “Qingjing Opto's automotive display driver IC has increased by 44% year-on-year in 2018. So far, we have occupied more than 30% of the global automotive display driver IC market. The cooperation in flexible OLED automotive displays is not only a new growth opportunity, but also a testament to our technology leadership; in addition, we expect to ship in the second half of 2019 and will launch new user products in 2020. ”