Bloomberg: Apple Will Push A Low-cost MacBook Air With A Retina Display

- Aug 21, 2018-

Bloomberg reported that Apple is developing several new products for its Mac lineup, including the new low-cost MacBook Air and the positioning professional Mac mini.

The report said that the upcoming low-cost MacBook Air is similar in design to the current MacBook Air, but with a thinner border around the display, the size will continue to be around 13 inches, and with a Retina display.


We've heard a lot of rumors about Apple's upcoming low-cost laptops, but it's not clear whether it's part of the MacBook series, or whether it's a MacBook Air. Today's report clearly shows that the new machine will be positioned as an upgraded version of the MacBook Air, for students and schools, at a lower price than the current MacBook.


Apple is also rolling out the new MacBook, and it's unclear how the company will differentiate the new MacBook Air from the MacBook. At present, the MacBook's higher price, slim body and Retina display distinguish it from the MacBook Air.


It is reported that Apple also plans to upgrade the Mac mini, the product has not been updated since October 2014. There are very few details about the upcoming Mac mini, but it is said to focus on professional users, which may make it more expensive than previous Mac mini products.


Bloomberg said Apple may plan to launch a new Mac in October, and a new iPad Pro with Face ID is under development, but it is unclear whether they will be in September or 10 moon phase.