Better Than OLED Samsung Invested Heavily In Research And Development Of QD-OLED

- Dec 21, 2018-

According to Digitimes, the global panel industry may fall into a serious oversupply situation in the next three years. It is reported that Samsung will close the 8.5-generation LCD factory in 2019 and switch to QD-OLED.

It is reported that the main Samsung display of the factory mainly produces 49-inch and 55-inch TV panels. After reducing the output of Samsung monitors, it is expected that the shipment of TV panels in 2019 will drop to less than 30 million pieces, which is about 29.5 million pieces.

The industry estimates that Samsung's TV panel shipments in 2018 are still between 38 million and 39 million. In other words, after the L8-1 factory is shut down, Samsung's TV panel shipments are almost 10 million less.

After gradually letting go of the LCD TV panel business, Samsung Display will focus resources on developing QD-OLED panels. It is said that Samsung will establish a trial production line in 2019 and increase the production of QD-OLED from 2020, estimated at 2019. During the period of -2021, the investment amount of the production line will exceed 10 trillion won.

The basic structure of QD-OLED panel is similar to that of OLED. The difference is that it not only uses luminescent materials, but also needs to use inorganic semiconductor materials. It has the advantages of OLED panel, and Samsung has the technical advantage of quantum dot TV, so Samsung is optimistic inside. The future development of QD-OLED will gradually release resources, but the technology is still not fully mature.