Behind The Panel Wars LCD TV Prices Drop Just Around The Corner

- May 16, 2018-

The price of TV panels has dropped for three consecutive quarters since the end of the second quarter of 2017, and there is still no clear-cut signal. The price of LCD panels continued to decline, and a new round of price war in the TV market has begun. Some TV brands have begun to challenge the bottom line of TV prices, and this momentum has not only stayed in the low-end segments, but has also spread to large segments.

Full-size segments of low-cost competition If you can not afford color TV market growth and the average size of the obvious increase, the mainstream TV brand will accelerate the differentiation, non-mainstream brands may be eliminated at any time out. The situation that TV products have become brand oligopoly has become an indisputable fact. At this time, manufacturers are either moving toward high-end to establish a brand image, or they are going to protect themselves by digging into the market for low-priced products like millet.

The decline in panel prices across the board provides TV manufacturers with enough room to cut prices. The low-price competition between TV manufacturers has not only stayed in the 32-inch to 50-inch room, but also extended to the mainstream size segment and the large-size segment. As e-commerce channels are very sensitive to prices, some manufacturers have taken the lead in reducing the price of 55-inch LCD TVs to 1999 yuan. At the same time, the price of some 65-inch LCD TVs also dropped to 3,499 yuan due to the sharp drop in panel prices.

Panel makers are very optimistic about the trend of large-size TVs. TV makers have set their terminal prices for 65-inch LCD TVs in order to reduce inventory accumulation since the fourth quarter of last year and stimulate more market demand. Radical points. The price war on 65-inch TVs has begun simultaneously in the Chinese and North American markets.

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