Barco Unveils Univision's Frameless LCD LCD Panel

- Jan 25, 2020-

Barco, a global leader in professional visualization technology, recently announced the simultaneous release of UniSee frameless LCD splicing display products in China and globally.

According to the reporter, the latest generation of LCD panel technology was learned at the scene, using Sense X color and brightness automatic calibration technology to ensure color and brightness consistency and uniformity. At the same time, UniSee Mount hydraulic installation structure adopts gravity self-calibration technology to achieve precise self-alignment, which is more convenient to install, easier to maintain and more reliable in performance. And NoGap technology achieves a nearly seamless overall look and feel of the full screen.


According to Barco staff, Barco has always maintained close contact with users, agents and distributors. By carefully listening to user feedback and understanding the needs of the industry, Barco has made a complete change and innovation in the concept and installation structure of LCD splicing. Uniview has surpassed the traditional LCD video wall on every level, and will redefine the entire LCD video display market in the next few years.

The industry's narrowest stitching-NoGap seamless technology

As the world's first frameless LCD splicing product, Barco Uniview offers an unprecedented viewing experience. NoGap seamless technology makes the stitching of the LCD splicing display system reach an almost negligible level, bringing a nearly seamless viewing experience.


(Ulysse Product Map)

At the same time, Barco has created the latest installation structure for the new frameless mosaic display system, UniSee Mount hydraulic installation structure. This mechanical innovation technology uses gravity self-calibration technology to ensure that the display unit is accurately aligned without damaging sensitive edge parts , And extremely easy to install and maintain.


(Ulysse installation structure)

Picture is perfect and uniform-self-calibration technology

Barco's unique Sense X automatic calibration technology uses real-time sensors to continuously measure color and brightness and make adjustments in time to ensure that the entire video wall displays images with consistent color and brightness at all times. At the same time, Barco also revolutionized the design of the panel, thereby reducing the brightness difference between the display center and the edges, and achieving unprecedented single-screen uniformity and multi-screen consistency within the LCD cell.

Easier diagnosis and maintenance-open intelligent software platform

As an important display part of key control business, Barco Uniview needs to maintain normal operation at all times. Therefore, Barco spares no effort in trying various methods in the design stage to ensure the best operating results. Not only that, the system design also focuses on the convenience of diagnosis and maintenance. Uniview's open software platform can not only manage the entire mosaic display system, but also automatically assign and calibrate each display unit, providing single-point remote control and diagnostic support. In order to improve the speed of diagnosis and maintenance of each display unit, the potential downtime risk is greatly reduced.

Flexible environment-wide adaptability

"Barco Uniview is a future-proof, scalable system," said Mr. Zhang Dezhong, Barco's senior vice president and general manager of Greater China. "Our modular design and open software platform will not only enable installation, diagnosis and Maintenance is more convenient and faster, and in the future, at any time, Univision can be upgraded and upgraded to the latest technology through modular expansion. "

Mr. Nie Weigang, General Manager of CLP Vantage Technology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. emphasized the flexibility of the system: "With excellent images, seamless splicing display and higher reliability, Barco Uniview products It can meet the visualization needs of many professionals. Especially in harsh corporate environments, Barco Uniview is very suitable for installation in the lobby, exhibition hall, control room, high-end conference room and other places of large enterprises to display a variety of important content. Pakistan Colibri will redefine the LCD splicing display market in the next few years and become the best choice for important information display venues. Barco will continue to make a significant contribution to this market. "