Automotive Panels Have Become An Important Niche Market For Various Panel Manufacturers

- Sep 07, 2018-

It is not easy to enter the panel of the car, but because of its high stability and good gross profit, it has become an important niche market for various panel manufacturers.


According to IHS Markit statistics, in the first quarter of this year, JDI (Japan Display) ranked 18th in the automotive panel market with a market share of 18.6%; AUO's market share in the first quarter reached 11.9%, ranking second; Tianma The third place was won at 11.5%; LGD was squeezed to fourth place with a market share of 11.3%; Sharp's market share was 10.9% at fifth; Group was squeezed at 10.8%. Sixth place; BOE's market share of 3.8% ranked ninth, entering the top ten manufacturers in one fell swoop.


It is worth noting that the shipments of AUO, Tianma and LGD are very close. Even if the market share with Sharp and Innolux is small, the competition of panel manufacturers on the panel of the vehicle has become hot. At the stage, IHS Markit estimates that this phenomenon will continue throughout the year.


IHS Markit predicts that this year's automotive display panel shipments will reach 165 million pieces, an increase of 12.1%; central control display panels and instrument display panels will continue to grow steadily 5-10% per year, after looking up the display and electronics The mirror panel will have a double-digit growth rate.


IHS Markit believes that in addition to the continuous growth of the number, the automotive display industry is undergoing many changes, the main changes are the speed of specification upgrade, the introduction of new technologies, the competition of manufacturers to become hot, the change of business models, etc.; this year the market has begun to enter the specification upgrade and change Demand, the first quarter of the central control display size of 8 and above shipments accounted for 41%, the meter shows 9 and above 9%, it is expected that by 2024, more than 10 出货 shipment ratio will exceed 15% .


In addition to the increase in size and resolution, panel makers also developed LTPS LCD, AMOLED, In-Cell/On-Cell and other processes for vehicles; Innolux first used LTPS LCD to produce automotive panels, and JDI began mass production in the second quarter of last year. Non-head-up display uses LTPS LCD vehicle panel. Sharp's mass production in the third quarter of last year, including LGD, AUO, and Tianma will also be added. Currently, many manufacturers plan to produce automotive panels at the LTPS LCD factory in the 6th generation line.


AMOLED is applied to the panel part of the car. Samsung Display (SDC) began to ship a small amount of panels to the Audi A8 rear controller in the third quarter of last year. It is expected that a small batch of 7-inch electronic mirror panels will be shipped in the fourth quarter of this year. Used in AudieTron; LGD expects to start mass production in the second half of 2019 to European car manufacturers; BOE and Tianma also began to actively promote AMOLED in the automotive market.


IHS Markit pointed out that in the past, the vehicle display panel was mainly responsible for the Tier one system assembly plant, but there are more and more indications that the automobile brand factory began to directly contact the panel factory, negotiate panel specifications, quantity, or price, and increase supply. The degree of transparency of the chain. After the future touch integration into the panel, the complexity of assembly needs to be low, and the car factory hopes that the panel factory can provide the module assembly service. Innolux has provided the assembly of BMW central control display module many years ago. More and more car manufacturers have joined.


In addition, in order to increase the added value when the industry changes, the Tier one system assembly plant also began to talk with the panel factory to purchase FOG (FBC on Glass), assemble the backlight, touch and cover, and display the business of the car display panel. The pattern has begun to change.