AUO Will Launch 12.1-inch Full Color TFT Micro Display Technology

- Aug 30, 2018-

AUO has said that it will launch the Micro LED display technology, which is known as the world's highest resolution full-color TFT driver at 2018Touch Taiwan.


The panel maker said it will also showcase a range of products, including: UHD vehicle cockpit displays with direct adhesive lamination, integrated dashboard, CID and front passenger seat display; 11.6 to 15.6-inch HD, High brightness, wide color gamut and high contrast LTPS touch screen for in-flight entertainment systems (IFE).


Next generation Micro LED technology


AUO said it was the first company in the world to successfully develop the highest resolution full-color TFT-driven Micro LED display technology. AUO will showcase the 12.1-inch Micro LED display technology, which achieves 169 PPI pixel density and 1920*720 resolution with Micro LEDs smaller than 30 microns. Each pixel can be illuminated independently for optimal high dynamic range and low power consumption.


Vehicle and IFE display


With the increasing integration of vehicle displays and automotive interior design, AUO will introduce an ultra-high-definition cockpit display with direct bond lamination technology that combines a 12.3-inch dashboard with a 13.2-inch CID and 12.3-inch front passenger seat display. AUO said that this large streamlined display uses AHVA technology with high contrast and brightness.


In the driver's seat, the dashboard can display high-resolution and high-brightness images for the driver to access the car data; at the CID, a symmetrical hole in the active area can be fitted with buttons or control dials for car navigation, entertainment and Communication is more intuitive and easy to use; front seat passengers can also use the front in-line touch panel to select and enjoy audiovisual content. The original 8.8-inch mirror display has a high brightness of 1,000 nits; in addition, the display or traditional mirror mode can be switched as needed, and the reflectance can be adjusted. The display also features an anti-glare feature that enhances driving safety at night.


The in-flight entertainment system combines information, communication and entertainment functions and has become an integral part of air travel, so image quality, security and reliability are more important than ever. In response, AUO will introduce a 11.6 to 15.6-inch 4K LTPS display with a touch screen. These displays have over 300 nits of high brightness, wide color gamut and ultra-high contrast, and are equipped with AHVA technology. AUO said that the direct bonding of the touch panel effectively reduces the reflection of light.