AUO, Innolux Announced April Revenue: One Liter And One Drop

- May 14, 2019-

A few days ago, AUO and Innolux announced their April revenues. Among them, AUO's comprehensive revenue in April 2019 reached NT$20.99 billion (US$6.7829 billion), a decrease of 13.9% from the previous month and a decrease of 14.3% from the same period last year.


Large-size panels for LCD TVs, desktop monitors, notebooks and other applications shipped more than 7.43 million units, down 23.2% from the previous month. The shipments of small and medium-sized panels were 11.32 million units, an increase of 10.3% from the previous quarter.


In the first four months of 2019, revenues totaled 87.693 billion Taiwan dollars, down 11.4% year-on-year.


Innolux's net loss for the first quarter of 2019 expanded to NT$3.7 billion (US$11957 million), compared to NT$670 million for the previous period. Earnings per share for the first quarter were negative at NT$0.37, while losses before the first quarter were NT$0.07. The gross profit margin for the period from January to March was 1.5%, which was much lower than the 6.2% in the previous quarter.


Looking ahead, Innolux expects shipments of large-size panels to increase by 1-3% in the second quarter, and average selling prices will also increase by 1-3% during the same period. Shipments of small and medium-sized panels may be flat in the second quarter, and their average selling price will increase by two digits.


At the same time, Innolux also said that TV panel prices will stabilize in the second quarter, while demand for displays, notebooks and small-size application panels will rebound from the second quarter.


In April 2019, Innolux's revenue was 20.856 billion Taiwan dollars, up 1.4% from the previous month and up 5.9% year-on-year.


Large-size panel shipments also reached 10.54 million units in April, up 4.1% from the previous month, while small and medium-sized panel shipments fell 10.6% to 1999. Year-to-date revenues totaled NT$80.78 billion, down 6.57% year-on-year.