AUO Expands Panel Layout And Will Be Involved In Smart Retail And Other Fields

- Sep 13, 2018-

In recent years, AUO's diversified business has become more active. In addition to developing new application areas, it has also transformed the company's long-term business intelligence into commercial applications.


On September 12, AUO announced that it will cross the cross-strait long-light market. In addition to health care, it also locks in smart retail and other fields.


AUO Chairman Peng Shuanglang said that these are the core competencies that the company has accumulated in the panel industry over the past 20 years. While establishing a subsidiary to operate independently, it will also continue to find strategic partners to create the strongest ecosystem in each field. .


Peng Shuanglang pointed out that this time, through AUO Kangkang, officially announced that it will enter the long-shoulder market on both sides of the strait. In addition to the cooperation with the Shuanglian Anyang Center of New Taipei City, it has also contacted many hospitals. Recently, several cases have been completed. Development, the first 1-2 years hope to bring word of mouth with successful demonstration applications, and further expand the market and business opportunities.


In the water recycling industry, Peng Shuanglang emphasized that the panel industry is an industry with a large amount of water. Over the years, it has established its own business units with its own manufacturing experience. In particular, China is now strictly implementing the limit-limit and pollution-restriction orders, and it is possible to foresee the business opportunities of water recycling. Can be expected.


Soft and hard integration is a major trend in the industry. In order to strengthen the application of soft and hard integration, AUO spent US$28 million in early 2018 to acquire 100% of the US ComQi, and hopes to extend to the value chain of public display panels.


In addition, AUO also rushed to set up a new retail train to create a profitable space. The company is mainly engaged in smart retail integration services, with cloud services as the core, combined with business partners for the retail field, providing online and offline new generations of soft and hard integration services.