AUO Display Products Are Fully Flowering

- Jan 10, 2019-

It is reported that at CES 2019, AUO has displayed many products covering smart home, games and vehicle applications, including 85-inch 8K4K borderless ALCD TV monitors and other game monitors that have been mass-produced. And a laptop monitor.


At the same time, the LCD panel maker (AUO) also announced that it has partnered with global electronics giants to form the 8K Association (8KA) to jointly promote the development of the 8K ecosystem.


Display becomes the key interface for smart home, entertainment and transportation


With the continuous improvement of home TV screen size, resolution and image quality, AUO has said that it has invested a lot of research and development to develop advanced display technology, and has introduced a 85-inch 8K4K (7680*4320) borderless ALCD TV display with low reflection. Features 120Hz refresh rate, quantum dot wide color gamut and curved design, as well as a 65-inch borderless TV display with peak brightness of up to 2000 nits and a 3.5mm ultra-thin black matrix.


For gaming applications, AUO has demonstrated a range of gaming and notebook monitors with high refresh rates, high resolution and borderless design. Among them, the 27-inch QHD (2560*1440) display has a 165Hz refresh rate and a response time of 1ms, and is equipped with AHVA technology.


In addition, a UHD 4K (3840*2160) gaming notebook display with a Mini LED backlight with 240 dimming zones and a peak brightness of over 1000 nits was also on display.


AU Optronics said its 14-inch full HD T-con embedded driver LTPS LCD features a special MUX (multiplexer) design that effectively reduces PCBA to a very small size. This slim and lightweight notebook monitor consumes less than 1 watt in normal 150 nit brightness mode and is ideal for travel.


AU Optronics said that the company has developed high-performance and free-form vehicle displays to perfectly integrate with the interior design of the car. It features an ultra-high-resolution vehicle cockpit display with direct bond lamination, a 12.3-inch combination meter, 13.2-inch CID and a 12.3-inch front passenger seat touch panel.


8K Association


With the arrival of the ultra-high-quality TV era and the growth opportunities brought by the 8K resolution broadcast of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, AU Optronics and the consumer electronics giants such as Samsung Electronics, Hisense, TCL Electronics and Panasonic have jointly established the industry's first 8K association. (8KA).


AUO said it hopes to establish a globally consistent 8K display standard through close cooperation to accelerate the adoption of 8K technology and the development of the entire value chain to provide the best image performance for the global audience.