AMOLED Resolution Up To 2228

- May 15, 2018-

Because INT does not specify the size of the panel, it is not yet known what VR hardware it fits into. However, considering that the company stated that it can produce in a larger size, this product is likely to be a smaller display.

Currently, the leading pixel density in the market is Samsung Odyssey and HTC Vive Pro, both of which are 615 ppi. Therefore, the new INT display should be approximately 390% higher than the Rift and approximately 260% higher than the Samsung Odyssey. It is reported that INT will display this display on the SID opened on May 22.

With ultra-high data transfer rate exceeding 100 times that of current 4G, 5G will promote the development of VR and AR equipment. INT Tech stated that their proprietary UHPD (Ultra High Pixel Density Display) technology will be a catalyst for these breakthroughs.