AMOLED Driver IC Leader Taiwan Ruiding Technology Chip Project Signed Kunshan Development Zone

- Jul 16, 2018-

On the morning of July 12, Taiwan Ruiding Technology Co., Ltd. and Kunshan Development Zone held a signing ceremony for the establishment of a driver IC chip project. The project has a total investment of $12.5 million. After the establishment of the new company, it will provide complete solutions for display (TFT-LCD/AMOLED/LTPS) panel manufacturers, including panel driver IC, touch IC chip, timing control IC chip and power management IC chip design, R&D, and outsourcing. Manufacturing, sales and other services. It is estimated that sales income of 240 million yuan will be realized in 2021.

 lcd display.jpg

Taiwan Ruiding Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional IC design company providing complete solutions for display (TFT-LCD / AMOLED / LTPS) panel manufacturers, and can develop personalized ICs to meet customer needs. Ruiding Technology's vision is to become a leader in the display panel driver and touch IC industry, and to further enhance the competitiveness of Taiwan's display panel industry and semiconductor industry.