2018AWE Black Technology Focus Focus On Flexible AMOLED Screen

- Mar 21, 2018-


                                On March 8th, the China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo ("2018AWE") was opened in Shanghai with the theme of "Smart Life, Illuminating Future Visions". As one of the most influential and discourse-powered events in the field of global home appliances, consumer electronics and smart products (software and hardware), this exhibition will focus on the new world of smart homes constructed by new technologies and new products. At the same time as the latest achievements in smart technology, it provides a terminal entrance for end users to quickly enter the future imagination world. As an accelerator of the smart world in the future, flexible display technology has an irreplaceable role in the consumer electronics industry chain. During the exhibition, the well-known flexible display represents the company Visconnovo brings a large number of flexible technology appearances, and accelerates the application of flexible displays in smart homes and smart life through technological innovation.

                              With the impact of the Internet and the Internet of Things, the smart life in the era of large-scale connectivity has quickly reached consumers. The new display technology has ushered in the era of “ubiquitous screen” in the promotion of mutual integration with mobile internet and smart internet. Visionox, as the world’s leading manufacturer of new display solutions, exhibited “the world's first fully flexible folding screen full module” product during the exhibition, with an inward bend radius of 3mm, an outside bend radius of 5mm, and a number of bends exceeding 10 Millions of times, technology is at the leading level in the world. Experts in the industry analyzed that this flexible folding screen will bring infinite possibilities to the digital economy in the future, and will serve as an accelerator to promote the collaborative technology innovation of the whole industry and the transformation and upgrading of the new industrial ecosystem. At the same time, it will also apply to terminal industries such as home appliances and consumer electronics. Smart home and other related industry innovations have milestone significance.
                            In 2018, the scale of smart homes in China will usher in explosive growth, and smart hardware is also rushing into the era of intelligence. In this exhibition, Visionox also showcased innovative application terminals such as flexible display smart speakers, flexible display smart jewelry boxes, and flexible e-books equipped with flexible AMOLED screens. These innovative technologies, products and applications are closely related to consumer electronics applications. It will bring inspiration to China's home appliances and consumer electronics and other related industries. It will also open up a new pattern of collaborative development across the industry, highlighting the future of flexible displays everywhere.

                          Flexible AMOLED is becoming a new type of display technology development trend and a global technology field due to its all-solid state, active emission, high brightness, high contrast, ultra-thin, low power consumption, no viewing angle restrictions, wide operating temperature range, and soft display. Investment hotspots. At present, the technology has a higher penetration rate in the entire display field, especially in the smart home and consumer electronics applications. With years of independent innovation and technology accumulation, Visionox has fully mastered the flexible OLED display technology and scale production applications. And in Beijing, Jiangsu, Hebei and other places to set up R & D center, the first independently designed and built a professional production line of the 5.5 generation of AMOLED production line in mainland China, leading the construction of China's first 6th generation full-flex AMOLED mass production line. For many years, Visionox insisted on mass production as its orientation, while relying on original technology to innovate products and services, it also collaborated with the upstream and downstream enterprises to develop together, and strived to promote the development of the OLED display industry chain and the application of OLED technology in a wider area.
                         Faced with the upcoming future smart home world, Visionox flexible display "ubiquitous screen" carries high-level demands of users for scientific and technological advancement, flexible OLED display technology, intelligent life from everything interconnection to all things display, or will be in the future Display technology plays an important role in the intelligent advancement process. With the breakthrough of the screen form and the release of technological imagination, Visionox will accelerate the “ubiquitous screen” flexible display of terminal applications in the future of smart ecology, together with the industrial chain to build a new vision of a flexible vision.