2018 IWorld Chengdu Opening BOE (BOE) Deductive Wonderful Wisdom Life

- Aug 16, 2018-

A picture frame shows different masterpieces of paintings, sometimes the strong color of Van Gogh, sometimes the light and shadow of Monet; a piece of digital labels placed on the shelves, with the adjustment of product information, real-time display price changes and Inventory situation; a seemingly ordinary mobile phone with a flexible screen can be folded or even curled... These fascinating Wisdom life scenes appeared on the Chengdu 2018 iWorld Digital World Expo, which opened on August 16th. . At the exhibition, BOE (BOE) brought smart IoT solutions, ultra high definition solutions, flexible display solutions, etc., to let the public feel the new smart life experience.

 LCD Display 1.png

At present, artificial intelligence and big data technologies are driving the rapid development of the digital economy. In the 2018 iWorld artificial intelligence venue, BOE (BOE) combines technology and art perfectly, and a number of BOE screen-built digital art galleries make visitors feel like they are in the ocean of art. It is understood that BOE (BOE) launched the world's first digital art Internet of Things solution - BOE screen, integrating art display, appreciation and transaction, not only a display terminal that can restore the original art, through big data and labor Intelligent technology can construct a screen ecosystem from four dimensions: content library, user, collector and uploader, realize the value reproduction of art works and the generalization of art.

 LCD Display 2.png

With the rise of unmanned supermarkets, electronic tags have become essential Internet of Things terminals. At the exhibition site, BOE (BOE) displayed electronic tags that can feedback commodity prices, discount changes and merchandise inventory in real time. It can be installed on a variety of supermarket shelves, display screens for merchandise showcases, and freshly squeezed juice machines with transparent screens. Build a complete smart retail solution that seamlessly integrates retail O+O.


In addition to digital art and smart retail solutions, BOE offers Internet of Things solutions in the areas of finance, transportation, office, politics and education, from banking self-service terminal solutions to smart transportation and driver assistance system solutions, to Paperless integrated intelligent office system, BOE (BOE) to change the life, let the public feel the beauty brought by the Internet of Things technology in a more convenient and comfortable life.