2018 Communication Opening Screen BOE (BOE) 8K Ultra High Definition Display Shines

- Sep 26, 2018-

On September 26, 2018 China International Information and Communication Exhibition opened at the Beijing National Convention Center. BOE (BOE) presented the solution with 110-inch 8K ultra-high-definition display and 65-inch 8K naked-eye 3D display, and joined hands with Unicom to show "8K+5G "Innovative applications.

 lcd display.jpg

At present, China is accelerating the construction of 5G infrastructure, and operators have shown 5G timetables to promote the application of 5G technology. In this exhibition, the combination of 8K ultra-high definition display and 5G communication technology has attracted attention, 8K is an important application of 5G, and 5G also provides technical support for 8K popularization.


At the exhibition site, BOE (BOE) 110-inch 8K ultra-high-definition display products clear and smooth, delicate and realistic visual effects attracted many visitors to stop the experience; 65-inch 8K naked-eye 3D display products can not only convert 2D sources into 3D display, but also Freely adjust the depth of field and switch between 2D and 3D display to bring a different visual experience to the audience. In addition to ultra-high definition display terminals, BOE (BOE) 8K Ultra HD system solution also includes 8K image service cloud platform and exquisite compact 8K decoding player. With the help of 5G data transmission speed and network capacity, 8K ultra-high definition display will enter thousands of households.


During the exhibition, BOE (Beijing Oriental) Group Vice President Yuan Zhen said: "8K ultra-high definition display not only brings better entertainment enjoyment, but also sparks in the fields of medical imaging, broadcast media, security monitoring and so on. The arrival of the 5G era, BOE accelerates the promotion of '8K, popularizes 4K, replaces 2K, and uses 5G's '8425 strategy', which will further promote the development of the ultra-high-definition industry chain and let 8K benefit more consumers."