2018-2020 New Display Industry Action Plan Is About To Be Released

- Sep 25, 2018-

On September 20th, the 2018 China Display Academic Conference was held in Gu'an, Hebei Province, China. Wu Shengwu, deputy director of the Electronic Information Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, delivered a speech at the meeting, saying that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the relevant departments will release the implementation of the new 2018-2020 display industry action plan as soon as possible. We will focus on supporting enterprises to conduct research and development of mass production technologies such as ultra-high definition and flexible panels, and accelerate the research and development of forward-looking display technologies such as OLED microdisplay.


At present, the new generation of information technology is accelerating, the scale of the electronic information industry is expanding, and technology is changing with each passing day.


As the demand for information consumption continues to escalate, the display industry has become more fundamental as an information window and carrier. After more than ten years of development, China's display industry has developed rapidly, and the scale of the industry has continued to expand. The shipment of TFT display panels has ranked first in the country.


The mass production process of OLED display panels continued to advance, the business operation capability was significantly enhanced, the supply of high-end products achieved breakthroughs, and fixed asset investment grew steadily. In the future, the development of next-generation information technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things will provide more market opportunities for new display technology innovations, including the continuous release of new demands such as wearable devices, in-vehicle devices, public displays, and AR/VR.


The new display industry is in a period of coexistence of opportunities and challenges. In order to achieve high-quality development in key periods, our mission is still very arduous. The main problem of the current industry is that there is an imbalance between the rapid expansion of production capacity and the lack of innovation capacity reserve. There is an imbalance between the dispersal of industrial resources and the demand for agglomeration development. The development of supporting capacity, technical reserves and forward-looking layout is still insufficient. To guide the healthy development of the industry, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will work with relevant departments to accelerate the overall planning and do a good job in the technological advancement of the industry.


We will focus on supporting the research and development of ultra-high-definition, flexible panels and other mass production technologies through technology innovation, driving product innovation, realizing product structure adjustment, accelerating research layout OLED microdisplay, printing OLED display and other forward-looking display technologies, and strengthening technical reserves. , complete the exploration and layout of the new technology route. At the same time, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will also release the implementation of the 2018-2020 new display industry action plan with relevant departments as soon as possible, do a good job of window guidance, promote related industries, financial, fiscal and taxation policies, and accelerate according to the recommendations of the party’s 19th National Congress. Innovation drive, and the goal of manufacturing a strong country, to promote China's new display industry to the mid-to-high end of the global value chain.