2017 Chinese Manufacturers OLED Panel Shipments Nearly 10 Million

- Sep 07, 2018-

                       According to relevant data, in 2017, Chinese flat panel manufacturers shipped 9.8 million small and medium-sized OLED panels, mainly for smartphone applications.
2017 Chinese manufacturers OLED panel shipments nearly 10 million
Hehui Optoelectronics is the main supplier of OLED panels for smart phone applications in China in 2017. Due to orders from Huawei and Hisense, the market share in 2017 is as high as 39%.
However, in terms of shipping area, Visionox is the largest supplier in 2017, with shipments of 30,000 square meters, accounting for 38.9% of China's total OLED panel shipments of 78,000 square meters during the year.
Due to the orders of ZTE and Xiaomi and the increase in production capacity in 2017, it is expected that the shipment of Visionox OLED panels will increase significantly in 2018.
As the first phase of the 6G flexible OLED plant will reach full capacity in the second quarter of 2018, BOE's shipments will also increase significantly in 2018.
At the same time, due to the recent expansion of the back-end OLED production line in Shanghai, Tianma's microelectronics OLED panel shipments will also grow steadily in 2018.