Blue STN COG Module Flexible 160x48 Dots LCD Display Screen

We have 17 automatic COG bonding lines and 5 module assembling production lines, 10 lines of backlight assembling, and 3COB bonding lines, totally about 500 workers of work.
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Shenzhen Enrich Electronics is an export-oriented high- tech enterprise, specializing in the customizing of TN , HTN, STN, FSTN and other types of LCD for COG and COB modules; including small size of OLED and TFT LCD modules. Weare located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Provience, with more than 30000square meters LCD factory. Based on the seven years delication onsmall size LCD industry, our products have been widely adapted in various international markets, especially in U.S, U.K, Germany, Turkey and India. With the certificates of CE,ISO and ROHS, we are competent to provide tech support and quality display solution to your products




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