Zhangzhou Huike 8.6 generation thin film transistor liquid crystal display device project is expected to cover the main structure in mid-September

- Aug 10, 2018-

Recently, the civil construction and roof truss hoisting of the core area of the 8.6-generation thin-film transistor liquid crystal display device project of Huzhou Huike has been completed, and the main structure of the fault-level area has been capped. The roof of the north-south support area and the following structures are comprehensive. Construction is completed. The project is expected to complete the main structure capping in mid-September this year.


The 8.6th generation of thin film transistor liquid crystal display project of Zhangzhou Huike Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. was officially signed by Huike Co., Ltd. in the People's Government of Chenzhou City on August 1, 2017. The project covers an area of 1200 mu and the construction area is about 700,000 square meters. The project uses a-Si technology. It has invested 120,000 glass substrates per month, and its main products are large-size high-end liquid crystal display modules.

 LCD display.jpg

The project will be carried out in the west of Cangzhou Avenue in the industrial transfer concentration demonstration park in Cangzhou City, and the “8.6-generation thin film transistor liquid crystal display device project of Cangzhou Huike Optoelectronics” will be implemented in the area north of Susong Avenue and north of Wuhu Road. One building, supporting the construction of integrated power station and emergency diesel generator underground diesel tank area, 220kV substation, bulk gas station (reserved land, professional manufacturer construction), special gas workshop, silane station, chemical workshop, wastewater treatment station, solid Facilities such as waste recycling stations (storage rooms).


The groundbreaking ceremony was held on September 26, 2017. It is estimated that the main construction period of the project will not exceed 12 months, and the first quarter of 2019 will be mass-produced. The project will not climb for more than 6 months. The project will be completed 6 months after the project is completed and put into production. The project will produce 10 million LCD modules per year. The output value is 22 billion yuan. It is estimated that the entire industrial chain will achieve 60 billion output value.