Will you pay for the iPad that is moving in the direction of iPhone X?

- Jul 06, 2018-

At the Apple New Product Launch Conference this spring, we didn't wait for the long-awaited iPhone SE2, and there was no second-generation AirPods. AirPower is still missing. We only have one iPad, but this iPad's biggest change. It supports Apple Pencil and can be seen as a cheap version of the iPad Pro. Above, the freshness of the iPad series from the very beginning has been exhausted by the design that can almost be regarded as a year-old.


At present, the iPad sold by Apple's official website can be divided into three categories, four types. In addition to the obvious difference in size, the design language is almost all carved out in the same mold, although it has always been the leader in the industry, but However, it can't avoid the pressure from the iPhone series of the same door. The iPad seems to be becoming a marginal product. Of course, we can't deny that the existence of the iPad is a mistake, but all the current Pad products are far less popular than mobile phones.

At present, there are two OVs in the mobile phone market, and the iPhone X is a craze for the bangs. However, the iPad has been the iPad for many years, and there are few breakthroughs in appearance. Perhaps Apple is also aware of the problems facing the iPad products, and at the same time has the technology accumulation of iPhone X, so this fall's new product launch conference, we may see the biggest change in the design of the iPad in recent years.

 LCD display.png

Recently, some developers have discovered that a software framework called "AvatarKit" is already available for the iPad, and this framework is the basis for Apple's expression of Animoji. Prior to this, only the software framework was included in the firmware of the iPhone X, because the framework required the intervention of the original deep camera system to achieve face tracking. Therefore, we may be able to boldly guess that the new generation of iPad will be equipped with the original deep sensor system similar to or even identical to the iPhone X, so that Face ID will also replace fingerprint recognition, so that the change on the iPad is the most Intuitive is the change in appearance.

 OLED display.jpg

At present, many netizens have given their designs according to their ideal state of the new generation iPad. The more common one is the high-screen ratio design that does not have Liu Hai's existence. The four sides of the iPad in the design picture are almost Compared with the current iPad, the width of the four borders is much narrower. This is because the application of the original deep camera can directly remove the fingerprint recognition module, which will also help to increase the screen ratio. The reason why the design is four-sided and the same width, the author believes that this is more helpful to prevent the occurrence of false touches. After all, for the size of the iPad, it is easier to have a false touch during the handheld use.

In fact, whether it is a comprehensive screen of Liu Hai, or a design with four sides of the same width, what we want is a new generation of products that are different from the current iPad design, so that it may rekindle the enthusiasm of consumers to buy, of course The cold water here still needs to be splashed. In view of the price of the newly designed iPhone X, the redesigned iPad will naturally not be too close to the people in the price, so there is still a price to pay for it.