Why do the surfaces have different colors when the LCD screen is working?

- Oct 18, 2018-

cog lcd module

There are many new products in the electronics industry, and LCD screens play a very good role in many electronic products. In many places, it will be widely used. Today, I will talk about the knowledge about the surface color of the LCD screen. Why do the LCDs have different colors when working on the LCD screen?

Everyone must know that the color of the LCD screen is not the middle of the industry. The LCD monitor we use, the middle part is two closed glass, and the thing sealed by glass is liquid crystal. The liquid crystal is deflected under the applied voltage, thereby twisting the angle of the transmitted light to achieve the purpose of displaying an image. However, the transmitted light that is distorted by the liquid crystal cannot be directly seen by the naked eye. 


At present, a very colorful screen TFT has a new development technology, many screens are only attached to the polarizer, and the color matrix layer in the glass is used to cancel the polarizer. Different brands and different models have different background colors because the distortion angle of the liquid crystal and the polarizing angle of the polarizer during design cause the polarized light to be differentially displayed.