When the reluctant Hisense met OLED, it was still a circle after a big circle

- Nov 20, 2018-

Hisense’s participation in the OLED camp seems to be the story of “the wolf is coming” in the TV circle. It has been called so many times, but the party’s Hisense has never seen any obvious movements. It’s really doubtful that the reluctant Hisense is not at all. Not on the OLED?


Now there is news that Hisense is barely reluctant to participate in the OLED camp. According to related news reports, in mid-November, Chinese TV manufacturer Hisense launched its own brand of OLED TV products in Australia, including the 65-inch OLED TV 65PX sold for 4,999 Australian dollars (equivalent to 25,000 yuan) and another face. Mid-market, 55-inch OLED TV products priced at 3,499 Australian dollars (equivalent to 17,000 yuan).


Although Hisense’s move was very low-key, it still slammed the hammer and Hisense joined OLED. What is the reason for this? The resolute opponents of OLED have even come to a big change in attitude of 180°. After going around a large circle or returning to OLED, what is the matter?


The time goes back to September 2015, when Hisense Chairman Zhou Houjian said in an interview with the media: "CRT TV is the first generation, LCD TV is the second generation, OLED TV is the third generation, and laser TV is the fourth generation." In the development, Hisense TV directly practiced the “wild” road that crossed the third generation and directly entered the fourth generation, setting off the banner of laser TV.


Seriously speaking, the strategic deployment of the enterprise can be regarded as the enterprise's own business, but if it is placed in the TV industry to show the technological changes, Hisense's move is definitely worth pondering. Although the name of the father of the laser is very loud, unfortunately, the laser TV can never die of the "projection" label, which can only be said to be superficially good.


According to the report released by Aowei.com, the cumulative sales of China's color TV market in the third quarter of 2018 was 10.409 million units, a record low year-on-year, with sales of 30.3 billion yuan. The market shrank by 5.4 billion yuan, down 15.2% year-on-year. Looking back, let's take a look at the OLED TV camp.


The ideal of "there is an egg under the nest" must be understood by everyone, but OLED is still mixed with the fireworks of different TV circles. According to the relevant data of Aowei Cloud Network, the scale of China's OLED TV market grew by 110.3% in the first half of 2018. From the beginning of the year to the National Day, the penetration rate of 55-inch OLED TV increased by 50%, and the penetration rate of 65-inch OLED TV. The increase was 66%. In addition, some insiders believe that China's OLED TV will grow by 88.7% in 2019.


Speaking of this, I think everyone should understand it. The OLED landscape is so good that it finally attracted the "Golden Phoenix". Hisense's OLED camp is probably only a reasonable and unexpected thing. At this point, in addition to TCL, mainstream Chinese color TV companies have all joined the OLED camp.


It should be pointed out that for Hisense, laser TV products are currently mainly positioned at 80 inches and above, while OLED TV products are not only closer in appearance to traditional flat-panel TVs, but also the audience and the needs of laser TV audiences do not conflict. There is essentially no direct competition between the two types of products.


Left-handed laser TV, right-hand OLED TV, Hisense can be grasped with both hands, without having to put the eggs in one basket. Under the background of consumption upgrading and transformation, OLED TV has successfully captured the high-end TV market. At this time, Hisense chose to enter, it is a wise move. Of course, this change of Hisense came a bit late, but at this time it coincided with the display of technology upgrades, and finally caught up!