What should you pay attention to when using LCD screens?

- Sep 17, 2018-


lcd for fuel dispenser.jpg

1. If the display is damaged, the internal liquid crystal leaks. Do not let it enter the mouth. If it gets on your clothes or skin, wash it off quickly with soap and water.


2. In order to reduce the generation of static electricity, do not perform assembly and other work in a dry environment. The LCD module has a film that protects the display. Be careful when tearing off this protective film as static electricity may be generated.


3, the display is made of glass, do not give mechanical impact, such as falling from a height. Do not ground the display surface or it must be properly grounded.


4. Minimize electrode corrosion. Water droplets, moisture condensation, or currents in high temperature environments can accelerate electrode corrosion.


5. At low temperatures, liquid crystal solidification can cause directional defects or bubble formation. Air bubbles are also generated when the liquid crystal module is subjected to strong vibration at a low temperature.


6. If the LCD module works for a long time and displays the same pattern, the pattern will remain on the screen like a phantom and there will be subtle contrast differences. If you want to regain normal working status, you can temporarily stop using it for a while. It is worth noting that this phenomenon does not adversely affect the reliability of performance.