What is the difference between LCM and LCD?

- Mar 30, 2018-


LCD is the abbreviation of Liquid Crystal Display, which translates to LCD screen

LCM is an abbreviation of LCD module, translated into LCD module

The difference between a liquid crystal module and a liquid crystal panel is that the liquid crystal panel is a component of the liquid crystal module. The liquid crystal module refers to a peripheral circuit, a PCB circuit board, a backlight source, and a structural component, such as a liquid crystal panel, a connector, a control and a driver, and the like. Components.

The liquid crystal module usually refers to a small-sized liquid crystal display. A large-size controlled liquid crystal screen is generally not referred to as a liquid crystal module but is called a display or a liquid crystal display.

LCD module type

According to the process type, the liquid crystal module can be mainly divided into two types: a COB (Chip On Board) liquid crystal module and a COG (chip on glass) liquid crystal module. More according to the backlight type, backlight color, LCD type and other different divisions can refer to: Xing Yuhe 1602 LCD module type which?

There is a more important classification method of LCD module. According to the classification of display contents and methods, it can be divided into character LCD module, graphic dot matrix LCD module and pen-type LCD module. For details, refer to: LCD module model

LCD type

OLED LCD screen, STN LCD screen, STN LCD screen, STN LCD screen, TFD LCD screen is a common five major categories of LCD screen, the details of reference: LCD screen classification and technical characteristics

Conceptual perspective: LCD (Liquid-Crystal Display) is a liquid crystal display, and LCM (Liquid-Crystal Module) is a liquid crystal module;

Industry perspective: LCD is a big concept, it is the name of the liquid crystal display industry, and LCM cannot be used as the name of LCD;

Product perspective: LCD represents the front-end product or process, while LCM represents the back-end product or process. LCD specifically refers to the LCD screen (LCD Panel part, Cell), and LCM is a combination of the following modules: LCD Panel + ACF + Driver IC + PCB + FPC + B / L Module + iron frame.

Production perspective: For small and medium size LCD screens, LCD manufacturers mainly make LCD screens. LCM manufacturers buy the former LCD screen and then combine other modules into modules. One LCD can supply multiple LCM screens. LCM can also purchase several products. LCD factory screen; For large-size LCD screens (such as LCD TV), basically LCD factories do their own module sales, TV factory bought the module, you can do TV directly.