What are the characteristics of the real potential stocks in the mobile phone industry?

- Jun 02, 2018-

The development of smart phones for so many years has now become relatively mature on the technical level. It is not like the early days that various vendors are exploring on the road to differentiation. Especially in recent years, the demand for high-end mobile phones has been increasing. Looking at China, domestic mobile phones are also moving toward innovation and high-end development.

There is no doubt that these innovations and high-end technologies can bring new momentum to the entire smart phone industry. In fact, many mobile phone manufacturers have begun to focus on the future, research and development of unique innovations, and to create high-end development, let us also see the birth of a lot of new technologies.

However, for the potential of mobile phones, the brand building also needs to be precipitated. The establishment of any brand is not an overnight process. It is the precipitation that takes time. It is like the aristocracy needs to be trained by three generations. What qualities should be possessed by the real potential shares in the mobile phone industry today?

Core parts production and R&D capabilities

There are differences between hardware and software in the study of smart phones, the software is relatively simple, the current market is generally Android and IOS operating systems, these two are the products of American companies. However, fortunately, the threshold for the development of the operating system is not high, and Chinese companies can do the same. Although this is not currently domesticized, it is not too afraid to block it.

The hardware of the mobile phone is the most important core point. If the most expensive hardware on the mobile phone is surely the screen technology, the biggest sensory difference between a smart phone and the functional machine of a few decades ago is the display screen, which is displayed in the function machine era. The screens are small, as long as they are clear. However, in the era of large-screen mobile phones, the display technology development is very important.

For the user's experience on the mobile phone, even if the mobile phone has a variety of functions are inseparable from the chip technology, the current global mobile phone chip is dominated by Qualcomm, which represents the highest level of mobile phone chip companies in the CPU, GPU, baseband All areas are in a leading position, especially in baseband technology, which has always been a market leader.

Comments: Qualcomm is the global leader in mobile phone chips. With its leading-edge technology, it has always been the preferred chip supplier for Samsung and domestic flagship mobile phone brands. Xiaomi’s rapid rise in the early years was due to Qualcomm’s priority in supplying its high-end chips and won “performance.” "Fever" in the world.