What are the advantages of TFT LCD and LCD

- Jun 30, 2018-


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TFT LCD screen is one of the best LCD color display devices currently. TFT LCD screen has faster response, higher contrast, wider viewing angle and lighter weight. What are the advantages of TFT LCD screen and LCD? Shenzhen Jiaxian LCD LCD module manufacturers following the small series for you to briefly explain.

The TFT has good brightness, high contrast, strong layering, and bright colors. The disadvantage is that it consumes more electricity and costs more. The main components of the TFT type liquid crystal display include a fluorescent tube, a light guide plate, a polarizing plate, a filter plate, a glass substrate, an alignment film, a liquid crystal material, a thin mode transistor, and the like.

The LCD is also referred to as a liquid crystal display, and is a display that uses liquid crystals to control the transmittance of light to achieve color. From the perspective of the liquid crystal display structure, the LCD consists of two parallel glass plates with a thickness of about 1 mm and is evenly spaced by 5 μm containing liquid crystal material. Since the liquid crystal material does not emit light, it is set on both sides of the display screen. There is a light tube as a light source, and there is usually a back panel on the back of the LCD screen, and its main function is to provide a uniform background light source.

Since the liquid crystal display has a specific direction characteristic when outputting a light source, if people stand at a very oblique angle to watch a completely white picture, it is very likely that black or color distortion will be seen. And because everyone's vision is different, if you do not stand in the best angle, the colors you see will have the potential for error.

Although viewing the LCD display in a certain environment will cause color distortion, this does not mean that the LCD has no advantages at all. If it exists, it is reasonable, and the LCD still has many advantages. For example, the power consumption of the consumer is most concerned, the power consumption of the LCD is relatively small, and the LCD display generally uses a digital interface, which is also very convenient to use.

TFT LCD screen and LCD have their own advantages, the development of TFT LCD screen is inseparable from the vigorous development of LCD!