Vivo: We have tried all the current full screen structures

- Dec 10, 2018-

lcd with pcb board

Previously, vivo has announced that it will release the vivo NEX dual-screen version on December 11. Highlights include double-sided earpieces, double-sided screens (front full screen + 5.5-inch screen on the back), gradient body, rear three-shot, etc. . This is another mobile phone with a front-facing "almost" full screen after the NEX's liftable front camera.


"Vivo actually researched, and now there are only a few forms of screen implementation, all of which are solutions in the process of solving the full screen, and there are trade-offs." Hu Baishan said that whether it is pop-up, water drop screen, slider machine or dig screen We have all tried, or that sentence, all technical directions will follow up to see consumer preferences.


The under-screen camera opening technology is the latest comprehensive screen design language. Compared with the sliding screen full-screen design, the opening technology can make the body light and thin. Compared with the bangs comprehensive screen design, the opening technology can make the whole screen The integration is stronger and the visual impact is stronger.


It is worth noting that Samsung will release the A8s using the under-screen camera opening technology today, although the Lenovo Z5s was released once on Weibo, but only internally.