Visionox received government subsidies of 601 million yuan

- Jan 04, 2019-

On January 2, Visionox announced that the company has received a number of government grants in recent days, totaling 601 million yuan. Among them, the government subsidies related to income totaled 601 million yuan.


Among them, the River Beijing Nan·Gu'an High-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee subsidized 600 million yuan to Yungu (Gu'an) Technology Co., Ltd. The subsidy is due to the sixth generation of active matrix organic light emitting display device (AMOLED) panel production line project.


According to the company, in the above government subsidies, the government subsidies related to income are expected to increase the total profit of listed companies in the whole year of 2018 by approximately 444 million yuan (this data is unaudited estimate, and the impact on the company's net profit is based on the company's The audited annual audit report shall prevail). The government subsidy of RMB 400,000 related to the assets will be included in the “Deferred income”. The relevant assets will be transferred to the profit and loss of each year according to the estimated useful life of the relevant assets from the expected usable status.